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Liz Zelvin  spent her childhood singing along on songs as diverse as morbid traditional murder ballads, old union and Spanish Civil War songs, and the gloriously sentimental harmonies of Girl Scout campfire songs. After a few uninspired years of piano lessons and a short career as a cellist in junior high and high school, she learned to play guitar at the age of thirteen and carried one with her everywhere for the next couple of decades. She wrote a song or two in college during the Sixties and several more as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. Liz wrote and performed more songs while raising a son, publishing two books of poetry, and launching a midlife career as a psychotherapist and addiction treatment professional. For a while, she put music on the back burner, but then she encountered a trio of musical mentors whose influence and support helped extend her reach as both songwriter and vocalist: singer/songwriter Bernice Lewis, contemporary folk legend Jimmie Dale Gilmore, and vocal visionary Amy Fradon. Through them, she had the pleasure of jamming with quite a few accomplished musicians and singers. While honing her skills as a songwriter, Liz realized that in terms of performance, happiness was having great backup. On that front, recording this album was a dream come true. For the past decade or so, Liz has pursued two careers that, if not outrageous enough to get her arrested, at least keep her off juries: mystery writer and online therapist.